Our research objectives are born from our belief that passion and sustained effort lead to action and permanent change.

As communicators, conservation biologists, our mantra is simple, let’s help the world fall in love with Ecuador and is underwater wonders”. To this end, our center continues to pursue large-scale conservation goals abroad, but at home in Ecuador, we target lasting change on a different scale.

We also strongly believe in the empowerment and inclusion of nationals from the country and locals from the region where projects are based. Too often foreigners spearhead efforts that fail for the simple reason that their approach did not include the education or support of local communities or training programs to build capacity for future efforts. Therefore, we have worked to populate this project with both Ecuadorian and international team leaders as well as junior scientist and students. We possess a well-rounded, highly qualified team that has the knowledge, expertise and local support within Ecuador to accomplish our goals and develop both a lasting research program on marine megafauna and a functional management plan for the species within the country.

Yoya Landázuri
 Executive Director
Michel Guerrero 
Mantas Ecuador Project Director
Alex Hearn
Whale Shark Project lead Scientist
Jonathan Green
Whale Shark Project Director