Yoya Landázuri – Executive Director

“To me, learning to dive was not just a new adventure it was a life-changing experience. Made me realize that we are here as part of everything and the only home we have is earth. Motivates me to follow my heart, loving every day as it comes. I am grateful to be part of this team and putting all the affords necessary to help keep this species in a healthy environment, through our work, create conscience and awareness for other generations to follow by example” 

Her outstanding curriculum as a PR and Communications manager in other organizations have proved to be an asset for FMME. An essential part of the success of organizations such as FMME are the input between members can achieve and Yoya is the link between our scientists, non-government organizations and government authorities putting FMME in a very high level of recognition. In addition, Yoya contributes to the organization by maintaining the face of FMME in the country and internationally, Yoya heads up the project’s fundraising efforts and promotes our work to a global audience. A passionate diver and totally committed to conservation.